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Phi Omicron Activities

Phi Omicron Faculty Adviser: Gregory DeKrey, gregory.dekrey@unco.edu


Support for undergraduate research is one of the major missions of the Tribeta organization.  This mission is achieved through two processes:

  1. Funding for research.  If you need funds to support your research activities and you are a Tribeta Regular member, you can apply for a grant from the national Tribeta office.  The application deadline is in September of each year.  For more information, please visit the national Tribeta web site or talk to the Phi Omicron Faculty Adviser. 
  2. Providing venues for presenting research findings.  One of the pillars of the modern scientific process is dissemination of research findings.  One place to do this is at a Tribeta regional meeting.  Any student, not just Tribeta members, can present at a Tribeta regional conferences.  These conferences are held in the spring of each year.  For more information, please talk to the Phi Omicron Faculty Adviser.

2022 in Socorro, NM

2022 in Socorro, NM

2023 in Pueblo, CO

2023 in Pueblo, CO

2023 in Pueblo, CO

TriBeta Western Region-1 Annual Conferences

Phi Omicron members participate in the Tribeta Western-1 regional conference each year.  Start planning to submit your research abstract for consideration as a poster or platform talk. The abstract deadline is typically in March.

  • Anyone may present, but only TriBeta members are eligible for presentation awards.
  • Presentation award winners are automatically invited to present their work at the National TriBeta Conference. 

Recent Conferences Attended

  • 2023, Colorado State University, Pueblo -- Attended by seven Phi Omicron members
  • 2022, New Mexico Tech., Socorro, New Mexico -- Attended by seven Phi Omicron members
  • 2021, U.S. Air Force Academy (Virtual) -- Attended by three Phi Omicron members
  • 2020, No conference due to pandemic
  • 2019, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO -- Attended by 14 Phi Omicron members
  • 2018, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO (home turf) -- Attended by 67 members from seven different chapters in the mountain west
  • 2017, Western Colorado University, Gunnison, CO -- Attended by eight Phi Omicron members

Phi Omicron Meetings

For information on chapter meetings, please email tribeta@unco.edu or find us on BearConnect.