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Benedict Lab

Animal Communication and Social Behavior

Benedict Lab

Research interests in the Benedict lab include animal signaling, social behavior, and avian ecology. Most projects use bird song as a model system for studying the evolution of communication at multiple levels. By describing large-scale patterns of trait diversification we attempt to understand the long-term consequences of evolution, and by examining the real-time function of vocal traits we can learn how evolutionary mechanisms shape behavioral characteristics.

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Research Day 2024
K.  Vilches CastaƱo, C. Barros, C. Walker, L. Benedict, W. Webster, D. Byrne

Some things we like:

The ManyParrots project, The Female Bird Song Project - The Cornell Lab of Ornithology - BIRDNET - The Colorado Field Ornithologists - The Animal Behavior Society - The International Society for Behavioral Ecology - The Tree of Life Web Project - The UCB Museum of Vertebrate Zoology - The UNC Natural History Museum

Some places we work:

The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas - Larimer County Parks - Lory State Park