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Biology programs

Undergraduate biology minor

If you are pursuing a degree other than biology, you can add a biology minor to broaden your training and enhance your education.

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 Undergraduate biology major - five emphasis tracks

Prehealth & Biomedical


This emphasis is appropriate for anyone interested in a health-related career in areas such as medicine, dentistry, radiology, podiatry, and many others.

Cell & Molecular


This emphasis is broadly applicable to careers in medicine, research, agriculture, and other areas where a working knowledge of cellular function is required.

Ecology & Evolution

Eco Evo

This emphasis is ideal for careers in wildlife management, outdoor recreation, the National Park service, and other areas requiring an understanding of the relatedness of life.

Secondary Teaching

Secondary teaching

This emphasis has been designed to meet licensure requirements of the Colorado Department of Education for teaching secondary science (grades 7-12) and also a degree in biology.

Biology Liberal Arts


This emphasis prepares graduates for a varied range of careers including nursing, business, writing, museums, government, and many others.

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Graduate Programs

We have four different graduate programs in two categories to choose from based on your needs and career goals.

Research-Intensive Graduate Programs

Course Work-Based Graduate Programs

Master's of Science (MS), thesis

MS, thesis

This program provides advanced training in biology including a hands-on research project. It is ideal for career advancement or preparation for further graduate training.

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Doctorate (PhD) of Biological Education


This program specializes in training biologists to be experts in their disciplines and outstanding college biology teachers. It is a stepping stone to a career as an independent scientist, a college biology teacher, or both.

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Master's of Science (MS), non-thesis

MS, non-thesis

This program will strengthen or broaden your biology knowledge for career advancement or as a stepping stone on the way to other graduate or professional programs.

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Master's in Biomedical Sciences (MBS)


This is an intensive one year program designed to enhance your knowledge of biomedicine and strengthen your application to medical, veterinary, dental, or other professional school.

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