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CORE: Initiative Program

Content of this page (to Program Cohorts) is presented by Shana Gibbs in American Sign Language.

The Connections, Opportunities, Resources, and Education (CORE) Initiative is the IRIS Project’s free 9-month, 300-hour hybrid (online and in-person) individualized mentorship and facilitated interpreting knowledge & skills training designed specifically for rural interpreters.

Throughout the CORE Initiative, participants will experience the following:

CORE participants during summer onsite

  1. Direct connections with a diverse cohort of colleagues, facilitators, and mentors;
  2. Exploration of interpreting frameworks via facilitated communities of learning;
  3. Individualized review and detailed analysis of their interpreting work, including areas of strengths and opportunities for growth; and
  4. Individualized and small group mentoring.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:  

  1. Build a network of support with other rural interpreters; 
  2. Demonstrate fundamental best practices in the interpreting profession;
  3. Employ context-dependent and culturally competent ethical decision-making strategies;
  4. Analyze interpretations following a practice profession framework; and
  5. Deconstruct interpreting product apart from the person via an Integrated Model of Interpreting framework.

Program Cohorts

The IRIS Project recognizes the hard work and dedication of the participants who have successfully completed* the CORE: Initiative program. To search for qualified interpreters, visit the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) website. 

*Successful completion of this training does not provide endorsement of the participant's language fluency or skills as an interpreter. 

Cohort One (2022-2023)

By first name; NOTE: 1st column is first names starting with A-D, 2nd coloumn is G-K, 3rd column is L-P, & 4th column is R-T.

  • Amy Richardson
  • Byron Oakes
  • Christina Holifield
  • Darren Reed
  • Dawn Tomlinson
  • Glenna Cooper
  • Jamie Olson
  • Jordon Oswald
  • Kayla Perez
  • Kris Courson
  • Lakesha Trotter
  • Laurie Walcott
  • Monique' McCrary
  • Paige King
  • Pamela Bailey
  • Robin Brenner
  • Romelle Hoon
  • Sophia Molitor
  • Terri J. Brown

Cohort Two (2023-2024)

By first name; NOTE: 1st column is first names starting with A-E, 2nd coloumn is G-K, 3rd column is L-S.

  • Akeya Peoples
  • Carrie Tweedie
  • Daniel Gough
  • Don Petit Homme
  • Emma Wood
  • Erin OShaughnessy
  • Gale DeArmin
  • Hilda Costello
  • Jeanice Davis
  • Joan Pellerin
  • Kataya Urquhart
  • Khadayilah Garza
  • Lasheria Murphy
  • LaTonya Smith
  • Mary Rodriguez
  • Megan Joseph
  • Shannon Wheeler
  • Shannon Blachly