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Advising Information for Graduate Students

The master’s program in Sociology emphasizes the application of sociological theory and research methods to various social problems experienced by groups, communities, organizations, schools, and governmental bodies. We offer both an applied and thesis emphasis.  

Sociology M.A. - Applied Emphasis

The applied emphasis program culminates in a professional research report based on the research internship experience.  

Sociology M.A. - Thesis Emphasis

The thesis emphasis program culminates in a thesis research project. 

Graduate Assistantships

The Department of Sociology offers a limited number of graduate assistantships to students who have been admitted to the Graduate Program. Most assistantships pay a 4-month stipend for in-state students and are awarded based on qualifications. Out-of-state assistantships are available in some cases. Graduate assistants work closely with professors in teaching and/or research activity and are appointed on a semester-by-semester basis.

Students seeking assistantships must submit a formal application for each semester. Application forms are available on the Sociology Department website. Deadlines to apply for assistantships generally occur early November for the following Spring semester and before April 1 for the following Fall semester.

Assistantship Obligations

Graduate assistantships provide the opportunity for students to work with faculty members.
Graduate students receiving departmental support are expected to actively engage in departmental research and/or perform services assisting professors’ instruction. Assistantships require that the student be enrolled 6-9 credit hours per semester. Audited courses do not count toward assistantship credit hour levels.

Each semester (Fall and Spring), all half-time assistants are expected to be available and perform services related to teaching and/or research for an average of 8 hours per week.

NOTE: Faculty with grant funds may support summer assistantships or wage payroll positions for graduate students.

Teaching Assistantships: Canvas and Email

If you are performing the role of Teaching Assistant and you need access to Canvas, you must have a first.last name email address and have it selected as your preferred email contact. Please see Lisa or contact IT if you have any questions.

Graduate and Teaching Assistantships

Each term, assistantships are available on a competitive basis to work with Sociology faculty in research or teaching or in the Social Research Lab. For more information, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator or email the department at Sociology@unco.edu.  

Spring 2023 GATA Positions and Application

GTA Positions and Applications

☐  Dr. Rebecca Beals and Hannah Conner: Research Assistant for the Social Research Lab (Academic Year 23-24)

☐  Dr. Angie Henderson: Teaching Assistant for SOC 351 and SOC 231 (Fall 23 SEMESTER)

☐  Professor Sandra Harmon: Teaching Assistant for SOC 361 and SOC 275 (Fall 23 SEMESTER)

☐  Dr. Harmony Newman: Research Assistant for Sexist Experiences in Geology Field Camps (Fall 23 SEMESTER)