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Equity & Inclusion Certificate

Equity and Inclusion certificate image

This 12-credit hour certificate program verifies a solid grounding in diversity, equity, and inclusion, supporting pursuit of a variety of careers including human resources, healthcare administration, non-profit management, social services, education, marketing, public policy, social science research, and social justice.

This certificate in Equity and Inclusion will equip students to build self-awareness, examine others’ perspectives, address diversity issues in specific contexts, and seek equity and inclusion grounded in social scientific evidence and theory.

Why pursue this certificate?

To meet the increased demand in our culture and economy for diversity awareness and action, the multidisciplinary Equity and Inclusion Certificate provides a stand-alone credential, independent of any major or other degree program. Learning will occur across multiple disciplines, allowing students to deepen critical inquiry, discovery, and creative communication, while securing highly marketable career skills.


The courses for the 6 required credits are all 100/200-level options in UNC's Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC). There is not a necessary sequence for students to complete these courses, allowing students to complete these requirements as they explore their interests, complete their Liberal Arts Curriculum requirements, and complete the requirements for their own major programs.

* Note: Some elective options have pre-requisites which would increase the number of credits required to earn the certificate. Internships, directed studies, waiving of pre-requisites, or course substitutions may be approved at advisor discretion.