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Graduate Career Ready with History

Put your History degree to work pursuing a career that interests and challenges you. History majors discover and maintain records of the human past, forming an indispensable background for all other areas of knowledge. History majors learn to research and contextualize information, producing sharp, insightful analyses and evidence-based conclusions.  

History majors show the kind of deep cultural understanding and sensitivity that is required for clear-sighted, problem-solving analysis of our past and present to create a better future. Perhaps most important of all, History majors are educated beyond a narrow curriculum geared towards a specific job; instead, they acquire the ability to remain intellectually flexible and to transfer their skills across career opportunities and environments. 

Explore the ways to use your History education during a career conversation with the Center for Career Readiness.

History at Work

UNC History graduates pursue careers in companies and organizations around the country. Among our alumni, you will see many working in these industries:

  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Government Administration
  • Nonprofits

UNC Alumni Careers

Using their History degree, UNC alumni go on to successful careers in a variety of interesting and in-demand professions. Learn more about the popular professions these and other alumni are pursuing.

Business and Financial

Alumni business and financial professionals account for several unique and interesting occupations that include accountants, financial analysts, human resources specialists, project managers, and marketing specialists.



While many alumni working in education-related roles may be teachers, several others use their degree and training in an educational services roles like instructional design.


Explore Alumni Career Connections

On Demand Resources and Support

Access recorded alumni career panels and LinkedIn tutorials to strengthen your network and professional connections to the UNC Bear Network.

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Alumni Spotlight

Great Careers Begin in Bear Country

Meet alumni like Abe Denmark B.A. '00 - a U.S. foreign policy expert who began his career with a UNC education in History and Political Science.

Meet More UNC Alumni

History Alumni: Update your career information through the alumni association.

What can I do with a History B.A.?

The History Teaching Major prepares you for State licensure for teaching Social Studies at the middle and high school levels. We also offer the History Liberal Arts Major. Both majors can lead to the following kinds of professions:

Whom do I ask about careers?

Our faculty in history can answer your questions! Here are some things you can consider:

  • Teaching, STEP Program, Teach for America – Cook, Fischer
  • Study Abroad – Clinefelter, Weis
  • Language Training & International Studies – Weis (Spanish, Portuguese), Clinefelter (German), Liu (Chinese, East Asian Languages), Wieben (Italian, Classical Languages)
  • Media Studies – Wieben
  • Peace Corps – Fischer
  • Translation Work – Weis
  • Civic Development & History Education – Fischer
  • Law School & Legal Studies – Haberman
  • Editing & Journal Publishing – Weis
  • Internships & Public History – Clinefelter, Haberman
  • Government Jobs & Military – Welsh
  • Scholarships: Fulbright (annually ~ Oct. 15) & Boren (annually ~ Feb. 1) – Liu
  • Foreign Service Exam (annually ~ Sept. 25 and Jan. 20) – Fischer
  • GRE & Graduate School – ALL, Tomlin
  • UNC History MA Deadlines (Sept. 15 for admission in Spring, Feb. 1 for Fall) – Tomlin