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History Graduate Certificate

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Are you a high school teacher interested in offering your students dual-enrollment courses for college credit? This six course, 18-credit hour certificate program is designed for you! In addition to qualifying you to teach dual enrollment courses, the program will enhance your mastery of historical methods and provide an advanced grasp of the discipline. Courses are held online (synchronously) once per week in the evening.

Should you decide to pursue a Master's Degree in history at UNC, the 18 credits you complete in the certificate program will be applied toward that degree.  

This graduate certificate is designed with the demands of full-time teachers in mind. The program is an excellent way for those interested in expanding their historical knowledge and teaching methods to broaden their knowledge and expand their educational horizons.

Why pursue this certificate?

The discipline of history is one that is relevant to nearly any other subject due to the simple fact that everything from scientific achievements to cultural revolutions have all been influenced by the historical events that preceded them. This certificate is aimed at giving high school teachers a deeper understanding of historical methods and an advanced grasp of the discipline of history as a whole. The six required courses are offered in an online, synchronous format. Students may elect to take one to three courses (3 to 9 credits) per semester based on their schedules and needs.

Applicants must have a B.A. in History or a related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Admissions Requirements


Degree Requirements — 18 credits
Students must earn 18 credits in 500 or 600 level history classes.