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Undergraduate Programs

History B.A.: Liberal Arts Emphasis

Historical study is concerned with the record of the human past and forms the indispensable background for all other areas of knowledge in the humanities, the social sciences and the sciences. A well-rounded curriculum of American and world history courses is provided in which students are encouraged to be critical and analytical in thought as well as to be incisive and cogent in their writing. The capstone of a student’s study is a seminar during the senior year, which includes an extensive research paper as the central component.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in history generally enter teaching or affiliated academic professions. They also go into law, government service, or medicine, or occupy various positions in the business world; additionally, they are qualified to do graduate study in history.

History B.A. – Secondary Teaching Emphasis

This program fulfills an important role in training teachers at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to its emphasis in content areas of history and social science, it participates in the UNC/partner school program and the student-teaching experience/placement for its students. Experienced history faculty are regularly assigned the responsibility of observing our student teachers in the field. The end result of a student’s study is a senior seminar completed under the direction of a faculty advisor during the senior year in residence.

A graduate with a bachelor’s degree in history and who receives endorsement in the social studies licensure area is qualified to teach in the secondary schools and to pursue graduate study in history. Additionally, with a major in history a student may seek licensure for middle school teaching.

History Minor

The History minor is an 18-hour minor that can be tailored to complement a wide range of majors at the University of Northern Colorado.


Graduate Programs

History Master of Arts

The master’s degree in history has been designed with several options in mind. It may be taken as a foundation for further advanced graduate work; as part of an individualized program that prepares students for a secondary teaching career; or as a terminal degree. Whichever option a student selects, faculty will stress the development of research techniques, analysis of historical data, and expository writing skills.

Students receiving a master’s degree in history will be competent in research methodology, writing skills and content in selected areas of history. Opportunities include advanced work in history, teaching at the secondary level (with licensure) or in junior and community colleges. Additionally, graduates may apply for professional schools, e.g., in law, library science, theology, museum curatorship and archival work.

History Graduate Certificate

Are you a high school teacher interested in offering your students dual-enrollment courses for college credit? This six course, 18-credit hour certificate program is designed for you! In addition to qualifying you to teach dual enrollment courses, the program will enhance your mastery of historical methods and provide an advanced grasp of the discipline of history. Courses are offering in the evenings with online options each semester.

The discipline of history is one that is relevant to nearly any other subject due to the simple fact that everything from scientific achievements to cultural revolutions have all been influenced by the historical events that preceded them. This certificate is aimed at giving high school teachers a deeper understanding of historical methods and an advanced grasp of the discipline of history as a whole.