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Advising for Environmental & Sustainability Studies Students

A schedule of course offerings is available on the UNC schedule site under the ENST course prefix. As this schedule is subject to change, students should consult with their advisor review the course offerings updates to receive up-to-date information about the classes being offered in the various elective categories. 

Environmental & Sustainability Studies B.A

The following forms are to help ENST students plan their coursework and academic paths.

Double Major and Minor Plans

Sustainability comprises important considerations in environmental, economic, and equity sectors. As such, we have many students who choose to emphasize one aspect as a double major or compliment another discipline with the addition of a sustainability focus. The following forms can help students design or follow a plan for a double major or minor. 


Environmental & Sustainability Studies Minor

The Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor is an excellent compliment to anyone who wants to address sustainability concerns within their own discipline. We have students majoring in diverse fields such as Theatre, Business, Sociology, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, and Biology who are also completing an Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor.