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GIS & Cartography Certificate

cartography certificate

Throughout this 12-credit hour program, students will learn to collect, analyze and present geographic data while honing their skills with GIS software and related tools. It can be completed in one year and is ideal for professionals considering a career shift or who want to develop GIS skills in their current positions. 

"GIS and geospatial concepts can be applied to virtually any field!  The extent of mapping physical assets or using maps to show spatial concepts is limitless. Looking back at my time at UNC, the majority of things I learned ended up being small deposits into my knowledge foundation that I could then build a stable and interesting professional career from." - Nicolette DeUmberto, Class of 2016.

Why pursue this certificate?

The use of GIS and cartography skills is becoming more prominent in a wide variety different industries and at all levels of government. This certificate provides the education, techniques and technologies that will prepare students to take advantage of those workforce opportunities. 

Do I need to be a Geography, GIS or Sustainability major to apply?

No! This program is a great fit for students in many degree programs, such as biology, earth and atmospheric sciences, anthropology, sociology, economics, history and criminal justice, where GIS and cartography tools are being used to investigate environmental and societal issues. 


GEOG 210. Introduction to GIS and GPS
GEOG 302. Cartography
GEOG 307. Geographic Information Systems

Select one elective from the following courses:
GEOG 327. Fundamentals of Geospatial Programming
GEOG 412. Web Mapping
GEOG 449. Remote Sensing of the Environment
GEOG 470. Urban GIS
GEOG 485. Advanced Geographic Techniques: Topics