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Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based, degree audit review program that allows graduate students to monitor progress toward degree completion.  

Features such as What If?, Look Ahead and GPA Calc will help you plan and set goals for on-time graduation. It will be especially useful when you are registering for upcoming semesters and to see your progress after grades are posted.

How can Degree Works help you graduate on time?

  • View program requirements (Degree Audit).
  • See how your coursework and any transfer credit you have been awarded meet program requirements.
  • Track your progress toward earning your master’s, specialist, certificate or doctorate degree.
  • Find out where courses you are considering next semester fit into your degree audit (Look Ahead).
  • Explore and consider other UNC majors, concentrations or minors (What If?).
  • Estimate overall GPA based on anticipated end-of-semester course grades (GPA Calc – Term Calculator).

Find your Degree Audit in Ursa

Sign in to Ursa with your username and password and click on the Student tab where you can view your degree audit and have easy access to all the great Degree Works tools!

how to access degree works

For commonly asked questions about Degree Works, see Degree Works FAQ’s.