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Transportation Services

Transportation Services provides a variety of vehicle services for conducting official University business, including long-term vehicle assignment to departments in need of full-time vehicle use, and short-term “motor pool” use. We also provide fuel for University vehicles and equipment, as well as minor vehicle maintenance services. Major maintenance issues are handled by local vehicle service providers.

Examples of official University business include, but are not limited to:

  • attending academic conferences / seminars
  • attending administrative meetings
  • campus department routine business use (i.e. Facilities Management, IM&T, UNC Police)
  • class field trips
  • intramural and varsity athletic team travel
  • student chartered club activities

 University vehicles and equipment (i.e. gators, golf carts, trailers, small mobile machinery) are owned by the State of Colorado, and may only be used for official University business. They may not be used for personal business or pleasure. UNC does not offer airport shuttle service.