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Note-taking Support

The Disability Resource Center has contracted with Glean to provide access to qualifying students. Glean is a notetaking support software that allows students to audio record lectures, while annotating, supplementing, and organizing the information. In some instances, Glean may not be an appropriate accommodation and students may be eligible for peer notetaking. This determination will be made through an interactive process between DRC staff and the student.

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Students who receive access to Glean will receive an email with an invitation to sign up via Single Sign On (SSO) with their UNCO credentials. Access Glean here: Glean Login 

Learn more about Glean from Glean!

Peer Note-taking

In some cases, students may be eligible to receive peer note-taking instead of Glean.  Peer note-taking allows students to be anonymously paired with a note-taker who is in the same class. Students who wish to learn about peer note-taking are encouraged to review the Peer Notes Frequently Asked Questions and discuss it with a staff member at their initial appointment.

If you are a student who has received the note-taking accommodation, log into DRC Online and select note-taking services for each course you wish you use it in. Remember to confirm your need for peer notes in the portal, as well!


Peer Note-takers

Note-takers should provide well-organized, original notes for the student(s) they are assisting. Peer note-takers must sign up with DRC Online, read and sign the Note-taker Contract, and complete the process by selecting the class that needs notes. Once you have done this, you will be assigned as a note-taker. 

The note-taker selected will receive either:

  • $45 dining dollars on a SoGo card
  • UNC apparel
  • A certificate for 45 service hours
  • $100 stipend
    • Please note: if you select this option, you will be required to complete hiring paperwork for Human Resources. If you have been employed as a student worker at UNC before, you will not have to re-complete the paperwork. For more information about this, please contact the Disability Resource Center. 
    • You will not be able to start uploading notes until you have completed this paperwork.This stipend will be pro-rated, adjusted based on when you begin as a notetaker. 

Please note that if you are taking notes for more than one class, you can select multiple rewards, however you may only receive one of any item. All rewards will be provided at the end of the semester upon successful completion of notetaker responsibilities.  If your reward is not picked up by the add/drop period of the subsequent semester your reward will be forfeited.



As a note-taker you are required to upload notes to the DRC Online platform within 48 hours of each class period, unless otherwise specified by a DRC employee. The notes must be legibly written or typed in a word document, or similar program. Please upload your notes to DRC Online by going to your note-taker tab and selecting the Upload and View Notes section. If class does not have lecture, please upload a description stating that no notes were taken (i.e. essay workshop, group project, etc) and any announcements or other important information.

If you have any questions please view our Peer Notes Frequently Asked Questions or contact the DRC at 970-351-2289 or email us at DRCTechnology@unco.edu.


Please see the Faculty Note-taker Procedures for instructions on "How to find a Note-taker"