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Lactation Resources

Learn more about the various resource and support accommodations that UNC offers for individuals expressing milk. The Lactation Accommodation Request Form can assist you with having a conversation with your employer about your lactation needs when you return to work.


Additional Resources

Lactation services (e.g. breast pumps, counseling) are covered in varied amounts by UNC’s contracted health insurance companies. The best way to gain the appropriate information is to contact your insurance company once you have found out that you are pregnant and/or before going on maternity leave. 

Lactation Support Toolkit

Our passion for supporting and advocating for breastfeeding/chestfeeding has led us to develop a way to share our story so that it could be utilized as a resource to support the establishment of Lactation Stations at other institutions. It is our hope that this toolkit will become a catalyst for supporting the rights of breastfeeding/chestfeeding individuals. Receive a free copy of "Toolkit for Establishing Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Support on University and College Campuses: Using University of Northern Colorado as an Institutional Model" by filling out our Lactation Station Toolkit Request.

If you would like more information on implementing lactation support programs on your campus, please contact us at cwge@unco.edu.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at cwge@unco.edu.