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Student Motivation

Teaching Coach: Dr. Kevin Pugh

Motivation is critical to student success. Thankfully, we can create environments in which positive motivation patterns flourish. Unfortunately, we can also create environments that spawn maladaptive motivation patterns. We all tend to do a bit of both and, thus, we all have room to improve.

Student Motivation: An Introduction

This video introduces and illustrates the performance vs learning orientation pattern. Kevin uses his own experience to illustrate this, so you might get a chuckle out of the lead in.

Four Key Motivation Dimensions

Below is an infographic summarizing four key motivation dimensions - Confident, Autonomous, Learning Oriented, and Interested. Each dimension has a positive and negative side resulting in four positive patterns and four maladaptive patterns. The infographic aligns these dimensions with major theories of motivation and highlights strategies effective at fostering the positive patterns. These strategies are the ticket to fostering positive student motivation. You can select any pattern and I will help you apply the strategies aligned with it.

image discusses two ideas of motivation

image discusses two big ideas for motivation


Introduction to Performance vs Learning Orientation Pattern

Kevin's Top Resources

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