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Teaching for Inclusion & Equity

The Teaching for Inclusion & Equity (TIE) Program is appropriate for instructors who are new to the world of equity-minded teaching. Join this year-long program to explore ways to enhance student learning and academic success by adopting an equity-minded, inclusive approach to teaching and learning. During the monthly sessions you will engage in discussions about equity and inclusion and engage in learning activities to implement inclusive teaching practices. You will put into practice what you learn to your own course design and pedagogical practice, reflect, and gain feedback from peers. 

By participating in the TIE program you will be able to: 

  • Examine practitioner and institutional responsibility in student academic achievement. 
  • Examine how personal identities, privileges, and biases impact course design, delivery, assessment, and the classroom experience. 
  • Implement equity-minded pedagogical and assessment practices that support academic achievement of all students. 
  • Advocate for change beyond one’s own classroom. 
Who Can participate

All full- and part-time UNC faculty are eligible to participate as well as doctoral students with a teaching assignment. Doctoral students who do not retain a teaching assignment in the second semester of the program are eligible to continue in the program.

A statement of support from an applicant’s chair/director/advisor is required. If the applicant serves as a department chair, a statement of support from the Dean is required.

what do i have to do?

Participants in the TIE program will: 

  • Attend all monthly cohort meetings.
  • Complete readings and assignments outside of workshops including implementing work into their own course design. Estimated time for monthly work is 2-3 hours/month.
  • Participate in regular evaluation of the program.
what will i get

The key benefits to joining TIE are building community and learning about equity-minded teaching practices that enhance your practice and student learning.

CETL understands that becoming a TIE participant will be a rewarding but rigorous process. In recognition of the commitment necessary to participate, CETL will provide a $300.00 professional development voucher for the academic year. The voucher can be used for anything related to your professional development such as books, travel, and conference registrations. 

2023-2024 Cohort


Dr. Cassendra Bergstrom, Psychological Sciences 


2022-2023 Cohort



  • Annie Epperson, Univ. Libraries  
  • Mandi Leigh, CEBS  
  • Lisa Mickelson, CEBS  
  • Natalie Pool, NHS  
  • Kris Reiser, NHS  
  • Emmy Royse, HSS  
  • Chris Talbot, HSS  
  • Erin Wachter, CEBS 

2022 Cohort



  • Ryan Darling, CEBS
  • Matthew Farber, CEBS
  • Liz Gilbert, HSS
  • Erinn Jimmerson, NHS
  • Heng-Yu Ku, CEBS
  • Ali McCorkle, NHS
  • Gabriel Owusu, DEBS
  • Jun Park, HSS
  • Teresa Risser, NHS
  • Marc Santos, HSS

2021 Cohort



  • Yavanna Brownlee, HSS  
  • Amie Cieminski, CEBS 
  • Kim Creasy, CEBS  
  • Rachel Dineen, Univ. Libraries  
  • Lindsay Fulcher, PVA  
  • Darren Ilett, Univ. Libraries  
  • Kelly Langley-Cook, HSS  
  • Jennifer Leffler, Univ. Libraries 
  • Michelle Low, HSS  
  • Melissa Malde, PVA  
  • Brent Oja, NHS  
  • Bailie Peterson, HSS  
  • Nicole Reisfeld, NHS  
  • Christina Ruffatti, GOAL  
  • Amanda Rutter, CEBS 
  • Maggie Shawcross, Univ. Libraries 
  • Leo Welch, PVA 

Join TIE

Registration for TIE 2024-2025 will open in the Spring.


For questions about the TIE program please email CETL@unco.edu.

The TIE Program is a collaboration with UNC's STEM Inclusive Excellence Collective, an HHMI grant-funded project led by Dr. Susan Keenan. The TIE curriculum has been developed over the last few years by STEM-IEC. TIE expands the work of STEM-IEC to all UNC academic colleges with the goal of creating a culture of inclusive excellence on our campus.