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Interdisciplinary Educational Leadership and Special Education Administration M.A.

The Interdisciplinary Education Leadership and Special Education Administration M.A. degree program in Educational Leadership and Special Education Administration prepares candidates to become effective leaders and managers of educational programs and services at both the school building and school district levels of impact. Candidates for this degree complete coursework in applied research/evaluation, the principalship, foundations of educational leadership, contextual understanding of systems, policy/legal/procedural information, program planning & organization, budget & resources, and parent/community engagement. The program provides opportunities for students to develop in-depth understanding about leadership roles and responsibilities, working with external environments, policy development, organizational behavior, and contemporary educational issues. The program prepares graduates to assume roles as building principals at elementary, middle, or high school levels: and district level positions as special education directors and/or central office administrators.

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Credit Requirements 

39 Credit Hours 

Time to Completion

2 Year: 4 Semesters