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Educational Leadership Coaching

The Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (ELPS) program faculty are providing for-credit educational leadership coaching services starting in fall of 2024. Utilizing a variety of coaching best practices, ELPS faculty will meet virtually with participants (or face-to-face if feasible) throughout a given term based on the number of credits (1-3) participants have registered for which would range from bi-monthly, monthly, or bi-weekly. Individualized coaching goals will be set at the start of each term with mid-semester and final progress checks. This service is open to all ELPS graduates as well as all school and district leaders in Colorado or across the United States and can be extended over several terms if desired.

Individual and small group options are available for each fall, spring, and summer term. School districts can have a group of five to ten assistant principals, principals, or district-level leaders engage in small group coaching for one or more semesters. (Title II funds can be used if districts wish to support coaching participants.) Any individual school or district administrator can also register for one-to-one coaching as well to help improve performance and meet career objectives.

Research has increasingly recognized the positive results of leadership coaching, but costs are often prohibitive. UNC’s ELPS faculty provide experienced educational leadership insight as well as a high-quality coaching experience at a very reasonable rate. Credits can be applied by participants toward license renewal as well.

The following explains the group and individual coaching options in more detail, but questions can be directed to Dr. Linda R. Vogel, ELPS Program Coordinator, at linda.vogel@unco.edu.

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