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Outdoor Fields at UNC

The Campus Recreation has two lightly synthetic turf fields and six lighted natural turf fields. Students may practice and utilize any of the outdoor fields.

UNC has a Sports Arena, Nottingham Field which is home to the UNC Bears football team. Check out the UNC Bears Athletics for the most recent sports schedule and games.


All outdoor fields are available for reservation through UNC Conference Services.

Jackson Field Sports Complex

Jackson Field is located between 18th and 19th Street. This capacity of this field is 1,500 athletes. This field is great to play some baseball.

Jackson Stadium

Jackson Stadium is located between 18th and 19th Street. This stadium’s capacity is 1,860 athletes and sports fans. The stadium frequently hosts UNC women’s soccer games. 

Butler-Hancock Practice Fields

Butler-Hancock Practice Field has a natural tur, built-in seating and  lighting so the field can be used at any time. The fields are utilized by football, so be sure to check with UNC Conference Services for availability.

Nottingham Field

Nottingham Field is the home to the UNC bears football team, track and field, and other field sports. It is located right by Reservoir Blvd. It is the multi-purpose stadium in Greeley. The field has the capacity of 8,500 seats. 

Butler-Hancock Tennis Complex

Butler-Hancock Tennis Complex has a capacity of 150 tennis players and fans. Both women’s and men’s tennis utilize this tennis complex. Reserve the tennis courts through UNC Conference Services.

Gloria Rodriguez Field

Gloria Rodriguez Field is dedicated to Gloria Rodriguez who coached at UNC from 1970-1977. She created opportunities for women at UNC to earn athletic scholarships. This field has a capacity of 500 sport-goers/players.