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Dual Enrollment

The UNC Dual Enrollment program provides opportunities for high school students to take college-level coursework locally. Students earn dual credit (both high school and college credit) via one course taught on-site at their high school. Participating in dual credit options can be extremely rewarding.

For more information, please email dual.enrollment@unco.edu

Dylan, a Greeley Central High School dual enrollment student

Goals of High School Dual Enrollment


To increase student knowledge and skill levels


To help students earn college level credit(s) at an affordable cost


To motivate students to attend college


To help students experience college-level academic rigor


To increase each student's likelihood of graduating from college in a timely manner

Current Course Offerings

Tuition and billing

  • 2023-24 Tuition: $77/credit hour
  • You will be billed by UNC Bursar's Office. For any questions regarding your billing please contact the Bursar's Office at 970-351-4862 or you can also access eBill on Ursa - please pay your bill by the end of the month in which it was received to avoid finance charges. If you need any assistance viewing your bill, making a payment or adding an authorized billing user in Ursa, please view the UNC Billing video tutorial
  • Know your Financial Commitment: As a dual enrollment student at the University of Northern Colorado, you and your family will be responsible for your tuition. Once you register for classes, you incur a financial commitment to UNC and if you decide not to continue your dual enrollment, you must take action to drop your classes in accordance with the UNC drop/add policies to avoid being responsible for a portion of your tuition and fees. Please note that if you seek to add, drop or withdraw from the college course, you must meet with your high school counselor and/or instructor and complete all required paperwork through UNC's Registrar's Office prior to the add, drop or withdrawal deadlines for your school. See the section below for drop and withdrawal instructions.

Registration, Drop and Withdraw

This is your chance to rise above the ordinary and propel yourself towards a brighter future. To begin your Dual Enrollment adventure, kindly download the Dual Enrollment Application, Account Activation, and Registration Instructions (PDF)

We understand that circumstances may arise which require adjustments to your course schedule. Drop and withdrawal dates for the courses at your school can be found on your school’s course offering document. Please use the Dual Enrollment Course Drop/Withdraw Form (PDF) and submit to dual.enrollment@unco.edu

UNC Policies that Apply to Dual Enrollment Students

Students with Disabilities: Any student requesting disability accommodation for this class must inform the instructor, giving appropriate notice. Students are encouraged to contact Disability Resource Center at 970-351-2289 to certify documentation of disability and to ensure appropriate accommodations are implemented in a timely manner.

Honor Code: All members of the University of Northern Colorado community are entrusted with the responsibility to uphold and promote five fundamental values: Honesty, Trust, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility. These core elements foster an atmosphere, inside and outside of the classroom, which serves as a foundation and guides the UNC community‘s academic, professional, and personal growth. Endorsement of these core elements by students, faculty, staff, administration, and trustees strengthens the integrity and value of our academic climate.

UNC’s Policies: UNC’s policies and recommendations for academic misconduct will be followed. For additional information, please see the Student Code of Conduct

Concurrent Enrollment Option Also Available

The Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act (CEPA) is a state law (HB 09-1319; SB 09-285; HB 12-1043) that allows high school students to simultaneously earn both high school and college credit. Colorado students have a wide variety of opportunities to earn college level credit(s) or further enhance their preparation for postsecondary study. These programs go by many names such as concurrent enrollment, early access, ASCENT and Dual Enrollment.

UNC also participates in Concurrent Enrollment, which allows eligible students to take courses on the UNC campus while still in high school. For more information on UNC’s Concurrent Enrollment, please contact dual.enrollment@unco.edu