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Become a Thought Leader

To book more business, you need to be seen as a credible thought leader. The Social Research Lab specializes in working with speakers and consultants to turn your ideas into science.

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Social Research Lab
University of Northern Colorado
Candelaria 2140, Campus Box 142

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What We Do:




Add original data to a program or book that already exists. Stop citing other people and start being a thought leader!

Hypothesis Validation


Prove that your system works (or find out that it doesn’t). Scientifically validating tools that you already use gives you an advantage over others in your industry!

Idea Actualization


Go from brainstorm to original IP that aligns with your business in 6 months. You have a great idea, it’s time to test it out!

5-Step Thought Leader Program

The Social Research Lab collaborates with speakers and consultants to turn their ideas into science through our 5-Step program.

Immersive Learning

Step One: Immersive Learning

We dig deep into your content and get to know your message inside and out through structured interviews, material review, and internet sleuthing.

Objective Mapping

Step Two: Objective Mapping

We use our unique Objective Mapping process to align this project with your most important business objectives to ensure maximum ROI.

Scientific Synthesis

Step Three: Scientific Synthesis

We search out the most important and relevant scientific studies about your topic... and condense them into a format that a real human might want to read. This provides direction for our research and content for your products.

Data Collection

Step Four: Data Collection

We take everything we’ve learned about your business, your objectives with this project, and the existing science to create customized research tools and collect the quantitative and qualitative data that will yield the best IP.

Actionable Insights

Step Five: Actionable Insights

We package up all that science in a deliverable that makes the most sense for you and your audience. We specialize in making good science easily understandable.

Speaker Magazine, Recipe for Research Cover

 Recipe for Research

Former SRL Director, Josh Packard, was featured in Speaker Magazine, sharing his recipe for making data deliciously relevant

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Speaker Magazine, Original Research cover

 Original Research

A Case Study Work in Progress
 How original research can establish your credibility

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Hear from Our Clients

Thinking of doing a survey to create original research for a new book, keynote speech or other purpose?  If yes, I highly recommend partnering with the Social Research Lab at University of Northern Colorado.  I did and wow, they were great!  They helped me design the survey, administer it and receive the results in a way I could use it.  My research on office influence was greatly enhanced by their knowledge, expertise, tools and process.

- Eric Bloom, CSP
Executive Director IT Management and Leadership Institute

Once again, the Social Research Lab has knocked it out of the park!

-Josh Cochran
Chief Academic Officer, Pinnacle Charter School

The literature review itself was priceless to me. I didn’t even know there was going to be a comprehensive literature review because it is my least favorite thing to do and I am just not good at it.

- Renee Thompson
CEO, Healthy Workforce Initiative

The Social Research Lab operated professionally with confidentiality. Your services have been very beneficial.  The feedback from the surveys has been used to create goals for the administrative team and to receive general feedback from the staff. I would recommend your services to all schools and school districts, especially charter schools... 

- Dr. Sherry Gerner
Director of Schools, University Schools 

We all have a perception of what we’re doing and how well we’re doing it. It is beneficial to any organization to get a clear view to either confirm the perception or to see if there is perhaps some mission creep or whether off track completely...

- Rand E. Morgan
CEO, community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County