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Research Reports

The Social Research Lab takes on projects from both internal and external clients to conduct a variety of research projects. Included here is a sample of final research reports to give a sense of what the Lab can do for you!

An In-Depth Financial Analysis of Sex Trafficking on OnlyFans

In recent years, researchers and investigative journalists have documented how sex trafficking is being facilitated on OnlyFans, though it remains difficult to determine how rampant it is on the site. The present report was designed to fill in gaps in current research and gain a clearer understanding of how sex trafficking occurs on this site, including how traffickers utilize the platform, which payment providers facilitate this activity, and where these activities occur.

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Impunity, Ignorance and Racism in the Sex Trade:A Multi-Method Study in New York State

Initial analyses of the sex trade reveal stark inequalities and racial injustice that is seemingly built into the natural power imbalance in the sex trade. These data suggest those with power in society—whether it be racial privilege, gender privilege, or economic privilege, or a combination of all—are often directly responsible for the harm experienced by individuals being sold in the sex trade.

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National Society for Leadership and Success Project #2

The following report provides a summary of the findings from the data provided by the National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS). This report is based off of data provided by National Society for Leadership and Success from four community colleges that provide students the ability to participate in NSLS and is intended to measure GPA as a measure of academic success.

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Healthy Workforce Initiative Workshop Evaluation

The following report provides a summary of the findings from the Healthy Workforce Initiative Workshop evaluation, which includes a review of literature concerning bullying in the nursing field, a validation of Renee’s scale items, and a qualitative analysis of 15 interviews from participants of the Healthy Workforce Initiative (HWI) workshops. The interviews assess the effectiveness of the workshops. The qualitative analysis also highlights participants’ perceptions as well as helps provide future recommendations.

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SART and SpeakUp! Program Evaluations

The aims of SAVA’s prevention programs are to build self-esteem and self-efficacy among participants; to increase students’ capacity and willingness to intervene in potential sexual violence situations; and to reduce students’ beliefs in victim-blaming myths that perpetuate sexual violence and deter youth from seeking help when they have been victimized. The following report analyzed the instruments of these programs for a variety of criteria. 

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The High Plains Library District Summer Reading Adventure

The High Plains Library District (HPLD) contracted with the Social Research Lab to examine HPLD’s Summer Reading Adventure. The purpose of the current study is to help HPLD identify program strengths as well as barriers to enrollment and/or completion of the SRA from the perspective of families.

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