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Project Research Publications and Presentations

The PSI Project lists the research and creative works of staff and contributors.

2023 - PSI Project Featured in Book Publication

In summer 2023, Interpreting Consolidated published Complexities in Educational Interpreting: An Investigation into Patterns of Practice (2nd Edition), in which the PSI Project research endeavors was featured, including the ten School Interpreting Series Competencies and the 16-credit School Interpreting Series specialization available at the University of Northern Colorado.

PSI Project, Co-Directors, Dr. Leilani Johnson and Dr. Emily Girardin and External Evaluator, Dr. Marty Taylor were three of the six authors on this second edition book publication that built on previous OSEP grant research. These authors shared research from this book through presenting at three different conferences in 2023 including:

  • National Association of the Deaf – National Deaf Education Conference (Riverside, California)
  • Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf – National Conference (Baltimore, Maryland)
  • Hands and Voices Annual Leadership Conference (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Book cover of Complexities in Educational Interpreting: An Investigation into Patterns of Practice

Johnson, L. J., Taylor, M. M., Schick. B., Brown, S. B., Bolster, L., & Girardin, E. G. (2023). Complexities in educational interpreting: An investigation into patterns of practice (2nd Ed.). Interpreting Consolidated.

2022 - Conference of Interpreter Trainers

The 2022 National Conference of Interpreter Trainers was held in King of Prussia, PA on September 19-22, 2022. The theme of the conference was “Connecting through Change.”

PSI Project Co-Director, Emily Girardin and Curriculum Developers, Kelli Stein and Angie O’Bleness shared their research on the developed School Interpreting Series through a poster presentation.

The PSI Project along with other leaders and faculty members from University of Northern Colorado led out in eleven presentations. Additional conference information including the program book and presentation abstracts are available on the 2022 National CIT Conference webpage.

Preparing School Interpreters (PSI) Project: Redesigning Educational Interpreting Curricula to Reflect an Interdisciplinary Lens

ASL Abstract: Deaf Educator, Dr. Richard Jeffries, Jr. provides an introduction to the poster presentation in American Sign Language (ASL).

English Abstract: The University of Northern Colorado received a $1.25M award for its Preparing School Interpreters (PSI) Project (OSEP: H325K2100024). The goal of the PSI Project is to invest in the academic and practical preparation of ASL-English interpreting students, their induction into the educational system through mentoring and communities of learning, and their introduction to the profession as educational interpreters. As part of the first initiative of the PSI Project, a substantive curriculum review was conducted that resulted in 16 credits of educational interpreting concentration that brings a more sophisticated team member perspective by including interdisciplinary learning curricula components/coursework, experiences, and resources. This specialized content is offered concurrently with upper-division interpreting skills coursework that provides other educational materials and resources to ensure appropriate scaffolding throughout the entire ASL-English Interpreting BA program. The redesigned curricular content was completed in phases following the ADDIE Model that included both internal and external support. This poster presentation includes an overview of the process of extensively reviewing a curriculum, then creating an interdisciplinary educational interpreting concentration. Aggregated data from the development process, including the focus group and survey responses from subject matter experts that contributed an interdisciplinary lens to the curriculum review, will be provided.

Girardin, E., Stein, K., & O'Bleness, A. (2022, September 21). Preparing School Interpreters (PSI) Project: Redesigning educational interpreting curricula to reflect an interdisciplinary lens [Poster Presentation]. 2022 National Conference of Interpreter Trainers “Connecting through Change” King of Prussia, PA.