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  • 3-3-501(1) Responsibilities of the Originating Unit
  • 3-3-501(2) Curriculum Change Procedures
  • 3-3-501(3) Roles and Responsibilities of Governing Groups
  • 3-3-501(4) Appeal Process

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  • 1-1-304 Curriculum
  • 2-3-402 Teaching Responsibilities
  • 2-3-501 Course Outline

Curriculum Handbook

This Curriculum Handbook is designed to serve as a central hub connecting all policies, practices, and tools related to curriculum at UNC and link you as quickly as possible to the resources you need to accomplish your curriculum goals.

Academic Program Proposal Template

This Academic Program Proposal Template is designed to help you organize all the information required to secure approval for new and substantially revised programs. See the curriculum handbook for more details.

Other Support

This Contact to Credit Hour Ratio document is designed to assist with course development and schedule planning. Course types must conform to ratios. 

Please visit the Office of the Registrar Catalog/Curriculum webpage for specific deadlines and technical guidance on accessing and navigating the Curriculum Strategy/Catalog Workflow.