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UNC to Provide Free Tuition to Students with the Greatest Financial Need

La UNC ofrecerá el pago de colegiatura a los estudiantes con mayores necesidades financieras

To better support students and keep a college degree well within reach, the university is launching a new initiative called the UNC Tuition Promise for fall 2024.

Beginning in fall 2024, the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) will cover standard tuition and mandatory fees to eligible incoming and continuing undergraduate Colorado students through a new program called UNC Tuition Promise. The program will lessen the financial burden for students with the greatest need, making education affordable and accessible. 

Students who qualify for the UNC Tuition Promise will receive standard tuition and mandatory fees of up to 16 credits or a maximum of $5,836 per semester. This support will increase as tuition and fees increase over time. The UNC Tuition Promise will benefit approximately 1,000 currently enrolled undergraduates and all incoming students who are Colorado residents or ASSET eligible students.   

"The UNC Tuition Promise exemplifies UNC’s commitment to being Students First,” said President Andy Feinstein. “At UNC, we strive to eliminate barriers and offer students an affordable path to earning a degree, bettering their lives and their communities, and contributing to the state of Colorado.”   

Full-time students who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree and meet UNC Tuition Promise program requirements will automatically qualify. Additional requirements include:  

  • Student must be a Colorado resident or eligible ASSET student  
  • Student must file FAFSA (or CASFA) on time   
  • Student must apply for and receive College Opportunity Fund (COF)*  
  • Student must be enrolled in 12+ credits (the program covers up to 16 credits)  
  • Student must have Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  
  • Student must have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) at or below $65,000 or a Student Aid Index (SAI) of 3,000 or less  

“The Tuition Promise initiative is a testament to UNC’s commitment to serving Colorado students by removing financial barriers to enrolling and completing their degree programs,” said Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Cedric Howard, Ed.D.  

Last fall, UNC implemented the Colorado First-Year Admissions Guarantee program as part of its commitment to providing all qualified and prepared students access to higher education. The first admissions guarantee in the state, the program guarantees admission to eligible Colorado high school students and provides clarity around the college admission process. Since implementation of this program, the university has seen sustained increases in the quality of students applying and admitted to the university.   

“When you pair the Tuition Promise with the Colorado First-Year Admission Guarantee initiative, UNC is well positioned to serve as Colorado’s premier regional comprehensive institution where equitable access and success are at the core of the student experience,” said Feinstein. 

Read more about how the UNC Tuition Promise works. 

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