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Excellence in Teaching Award

Award Criteria

  • Demonstrates consistently the ability to inspire students to achieve their greatest potential and has the capacity for instilling in them a true dedication to learning.
  • Serves as a formal and informal role model for achieving teaching excellence.
  • Contributes demonstrably to the knowledge base relevant to achieving effective, quality instruction.
  • Directs or takes major responsibility for curriculum developments having a demonstrably significant impact on the academic program.
  • Directs or takes major responsibility for developing new academic degree programs.
  • Develops new instructional strategies/approaches having demonstrably significant impact on the University or program-wide instruction.  This may include courses taught through UNC Extended Studies and courses taught during the academic year, interim session, and/or the summer.
  • Creates exceptional or innovative opportunities for student placement and demonstrates creative supervision of practice, internships, and field studies.
  • Directs student research, performances, and creative endeavors of demonstrably high quality.

Guidelines for Supporting Materials

The following lists are intended as guidelines for submitting materials in support of nominations for college awards. They are not intended to be all-inclusive or restrictive. Nominees for college awards are encouraged to submit those materials that present the most accurate, accessible, and conclusive evidence of merit for the each award. All nominees are requested to submit a 1-2 page narrative summarizing how your teaching, scholarship, or service addresses the relevant criteria. Nominees should also update their CV in Digital Measures by the submission deadline in addition to submitting their supporting materials electronically. The materials submitted should not exceed 2 to 3 pieces of evidence per award.

The following supporting materials (in addition to others) may be submitted for review by the Awards Committee. (Nominees are not required to submit all materials listed - only 2 to 3 pieces of evidence.)

  • Statement of teaching philosophy
  • Letters from students and peers
  • Other recognitions received for excellence in teaching
  • Student research projects
  • Other evidence of effects on students
  • Peer review of teaching
  • Include in narrative
    • New courses developed
    • New programs developed