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Information for Current and Prospective Students


In addition to meeting with their advisor, students should review their four year plan and catalog entry for their program.

CRJ Student Integrity Policy

The Criminology and Criminal
Justice Department requires all students to behave in a professional manner and adhere to the
highest ethical standards in every university class and in every activity connected with the
Criminology and Criminal Justice Department.

Scholarships and Awards

Each spring, the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice awards three scholarships.


Internship experience is a great opportunity to broaden your resume, add to your skill set, acquire professional connections, and see what it is like to engage in Criminal Justice related work.


Learn more about your potential career paths in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Get Involved

Learn more about student clubs and professional organizations related to the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Library Research

Resources for finding information on Criminology and Criminal Justice.