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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Departments Hire Outside Contractors?

    Yes. However there are numerous University standards, specifications and insurance requirements that must be met. While Facilities Management is competitive with most private contractors, if you feel outside contractors will give you a lower cost, or if the situation is one we are not equipped or trained to handle, please submit a TMA Work request and Facilities Management will handle the details.

  • What determines work priorities?

    Emergency and D.I.N. (do it now) services take top priority as they are received. Every effort is made to provide routine services within the needs of the requesting department. If time is important, please indicate so on the TMA Work Request.

  • How are complaints handled?

    Complaints should be directed to the Service Center at 970-351-2446. If they cannot be handled there immediately, they will be referred to the proper person. Please do not hesitate to question a charge to your account. We welcome the opportunity to either correct or justify the charge. The same is true for other types of complaints; good communication helps us to meet our customer needs.

  • Can I request keys or key card access for myself?

    No, key cards need to be signed by an authorized signatory that is not the person receiving the keys.

  • Can I request key card access and keys on the same key card?

    No, as per the University lock and key policy, each key and/or access needs to be requested separately using a separate key card. All must be signed by an authorized signatory.

  • Can I pick up keys for my co-worker?

    The person that is requesting the key must come to the FM Service Center in Parson's Hall to pick up their keys, present identification, and sign their key cards.

  • Can I request maintenance for my area?

    You can request maintenance using our online service desk request system located on the main page of facilities management website. If it is an emergency, please call the service center at 970-351-2446.

  • Can I call the service Center if I don't know what else to do?

    Absolutely, the service center exists to provide the University community the best possible customer service.  Feel free to call us at any time.