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Poster Printing

Poster printing will be limited during winter break. Please contact Victoria Duncan (victoria.duncan@unco.edu) if you need a poster printed. Please reach out with any questions. *Note: printing will not be available December 21- January 3. 

Paper Cost and Options: 

Glossy Paper:
• 36 x 42 inches: $65
• 36 x 48 inches: $75
• 42 x 48 inches: $80
• 36 x 42: $120

*Due to cost increases, we will only be able to print up to 42 inches wide on canvas.

If you would like to request a smaller poster size than those listed, please email FSI.ADMIN@unco.edu for order information.

Once you select a poster template, be sure it is formatted to the dimensions you are requesting your poster be printed prior to designing your poster. To check dimensions on a Mac, select file, page set up, and adjust the dimensions accordingly. On PC, select design, page set up, and adjust the dimensions according to your needs.

Poster Printing Request Process: 

Online Poster Request Forms can be found here.

*Please submit the request at least two business days (before 4:00 pm) before the posters are needed*

• Please note you will need the following information to complete the form:

  • Contact information
  • Poster material and size
  • PDF final version of poster
  • Method of payment

Paying for Poster Printing:

Once you submit this request, please proceed with payment of your poster. Options for payment include:
1) Pay by credit card (including Pcards)
2) Pay by journal entry - email FOAP to FSI.ADMIN@unco.edu and copy your department chair for authorization

Poster Pick-up

Once payment has been received and the poster has been printed, you will receive an email to the email provided in the form. All posters will be available for pick-up in the front office space in Ross 2279. They will be labeled by department and name.

If you have any questions, please contact FSI Admin


Students Posters 

Current students or alumni who are presenting with a faculty member at a state, national or International conference, may use this service. The faculty member must be a co-author.