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User Fees (Fall 2023/Spring 2024)

Health Insurance

  • Student Only Rate
    • Semester Rate - $1,560
    • Academic Year Rate - $3,120


  • Student Annual Pass
    • Annual - $314
  • Student Commuter Pass
    • Annual $198

Lesson Fees

  • Private Music Fees - $150.00

New Student Success Fee

New and Transfer Students Only

  • New Student Success Fee - $260.00 (one time fee)

One-time $260 “Student Success Fee” charged to all new students, whether first-time or transfer.  This covers programs and services that are critical to a student’s successful transition to an academic career at UNC.

One of the most obvious components to a successful transition is our orientation program. The program includes learning about UNC resources and hearing expectations as member of the institution.

Other  components include:

  • Advising related to a student’s academic goals, aptitudes and career goals (which is different than faculty advising about specific courses to take)
  • On-going assessment and development of  programs  that are specifically designed to help students effectively navigate the  transition from the mode of learning at a high school or community college  and the mode of learning necessary to be successful at a University. 

Examples include the development of the University 101 first year seminar and appropriate placement in foundational courses like math and English.