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Gaming SEL Lab

Games enable children to practice emotions in spaces that are free from actualized consequences. With thoughtful guidance, games can help children manage emotions, perspective-take, demonstrate empathic concern, and exhibit prosocial behaviors.

Emerging research suggests that social and emotional learning (SEL) skills are, in fact, teachable. The Gaming SEL Lab in the Educational Technology department investigates the rich opportunities that games have in supporting SEL skill development.  

Read: Farber, M. (2021). Gaming SEL: Games as Transformational to Social and Emotional Learning. Peter Lang.

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Time Society Chronicles: Independence!, a U.S. history-based game created with Erin Drake Kajioka: https://3sxp.itch.io/timesociety 

Walden, a game EDU “Self-reliance” module, Survival Game cards: (free print-and-play version) or (deck for purchase

Walden, a game EDU “Where I Lived” module, Lost in the Shuffle cards & instructions: (free print-and-play version) or (deck for purchase

Also, check out our Gaming SEL itch.io page: https://gamingsel.itch.io  


Game Design Studio Toolkit, published by iThrive Games. 
Museum of Me, What Remains of Edith Finch game-based curriculum, published by iThrive Games. 
Bury me, my Love game-based curriculum, published by UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development. 
Walden, a game EDU, game-based curriculum, published by USC Game Innovation Lab. 

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