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Innovate. Create. Design. Research.

Immerse yourself in research-intensive experiences that explore how pedagogies and technology blend with critical and educational theories to inform innovative practices in educational contexts. In the Educational Technology program, you'll develop rich understanding about educational theory and practice; design and develop digital materials such as games, visual media and multimodal compositions; and engage in authentic research projects. You'll work closely with faculty who are top educators and researchers, while having opportunities to engage in unique, hands-on learner experiences.

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Ph.D. in Educational Technology

This program is research intensive and builds a deep theoretical base in critical and innovative pedagogy as well as developed technology application skills. It provides different areas of focus, or cognates, including innovation and integration and instructional technology. You'll also explore your own research interests, publish your findings and present your work in scholarly venues. Earn your degree on campus with opportunities for in-person and blended learning a part of this unique doctoral program.The PhD program culminates in a dissertation of original research in the field.

Degree Requirements

Your Future in Educational Technology

If you...

  • Aspire to be an education professional or classroom teacher
  • Seek opportunities for research that explores technology as a transformational tool to teaching and learning
  • Or desire to develop a deep understanding in blending education theory and practice

...then this program is for you!

You’ll learn:

  • Foundational theoretical knowledge of technology-infused pedagogy and its place in transformative teaching and learning.
  • Theory and application of critical and innovative pedagogy as well as developed technology application skills.

Sample courses:

  • Global and Cultural Perspectives in Educational Technology
  • Performance Technology for Instructional Environments
  • Innovations in Technology and Education
  • Gaming and Application Design
  • Multimodal Composing
  • Visual Methods for Educational Research in Digital Contexts

Where can your degree take you?

When you earn your degree in Educational Technology from UNC, you’ll be ready to work in a variety of learning contexts, including K-12, higher education, online environments, military training, business/organizational, international settings and more.

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