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Diversity Statement

The University Center and its staff strive to ensure a safe, affirming, and nurturing environment for all UNC students, staff, and guests. Inherent in this mission is our shared belief that a strong community is built upon, and enriched by, both commonalities and differences. We recognize and celebrate the fact that UNC students, staff, and faculty have diverse characteristics and backgrounds.  We actively demonstrate our commitment to the success of all community members through our policies and services. We foster a welcoming environment based upon open and considerate dialog, mutual understanding, and respect for individual differences.  We are committed to social justice as a tool to create change within our department, our campus, and local and global communities.

Additional information and resources are available from UNC's Department of Equity and Inclusion

All Gender Restrooms

All Gender Restroom and Changing Areas

Our all gender restrooms, located on the main and upper levels, are specifically intended to serve the needs of:

  • Transgender or gender nonconforming individuals, to offer an alternative to using male or female specific restrooms
  • Parents who otherwise may not be able to accompany their children of a different gender into a gender specific restroom
  • People with disabilities who have an attendant or caregiver of a different gender
  • Those in need of a diaper changing station
  • Others who simply desire the privacy that a single stall bathroom affords