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Registration and Textbook Information

Select a semester to find the list of UNIV 101 sections available.

Fall Spring

Sections are listed by whether you have been accepted to specific programs (e.g., CHE, Honors, etc.) or by certain majors (e.g., psychology, undeclared, etc.). Students in majors such as psychology should try to enroll in the specific sections; however, the other sections are available as well.

Although the majority of the sections are available each Fall semester, a few Spring sections sometimes are made available. Spring sections are always available to any interested student.

Textbook Information

  • Educational Psychology for Learners: Connecting Theory, Research and Application

Author(s): Angela L. Vaughan, Brett D. Wilkinson

ISBN: 979-8-7657-0873-6

Edition: 3rd 

This version will be available in August before school begins at the UNC Bookstore as well as online at Amazon and Kendall Hunt.  To purchase directly from Kendall Hunt, go to:  https://he.kendallhunt.com/vaughan_wilkinson 

 A Reading and Research Supplement is also required and will be provided by your instructor.