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Cache la Poudre 1920, page 169. The Campfire Girls of America Club in front of Totem Teddy. Their leader was Ms. Edna F. Welsh (5th from the left) who was also the leader of the Commerce Club. No original caption.

Cache la Poudre 1929, page 3. This photo of Totem Teddy is very common in the Cache la Poudre books. Several different volumes feature this same picture, though the caption sometimes is different. Original caption, “Where interwoven branches spread a shade.”

Cache la Poudre 1933, page 1. Totem Teddy in front of Cranford Hall. No original caption, only “Cranford Hall Featuring the Teachers College Bear” as seen in the image.

Cache la Poudre 1940, page 32. Totem Teddy in front of the Bru-Inn in Gray Hall. The Bru-Inn, named after Totem Teddy, was a common hang-out place on campus that served food and beverages to the Colorado State College (now UNC) community until 1965 when the University Center was built and the Bru-Inn was turned into administrative offices.

Cache la Poudre 1943, page 64. Totem Teddy. No original caption.

Mirror November 7, 1947. The candidates for 194 Colorado State College Homecoming Queen. Left to right on the ground: Marney Hammond, Beverly Coon, Lorraine Fogg, Aleen Stoffel, Nancey Hodge. Top to Bottom on ladder: Betty Rae Jackson, Dorothy Garrett, Maybeth Melton. Teddy being put back on the pole after a fresh coat of paint.

Cache la Poudre 1950, page 232. Unknown group admiring Totem Teddy. No original caption.

Denver Post January 5, 1947. Margret (Hirsh) Mack-Thomas (Miss C.S.C. 1959) is the woman closest to the pole. She and two other students pose at the request of the Denver Post photographer.

Cache la Poudre 1956, page 102. Group of women with Totem Teddy. No original caption.

Cache la Poudre 1959, page 96. Ram tied to Totem Teddy, possibly in response to CSU's kidnapping and vandalizing Totem Teddy in 1947. Original caption, “May I go to school too?”

Cache la Poudre 1960, page 1. Original caption, “Totem Teddy, mascot of CSC, has guarded the spirit of Colorado State College since 1905 when he was sent from Alaska. He sits on the top of the famed totem pole and awaits old and new with the warmth that is characteristic of Colorado State College.”

Cache la Poudre 1968, page 316. Greek Life representatives with Totem Teddy in the University Center. No original caption.

Hazel E. Johnson collection. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart by Totem Teddy outside of Cranford Hall. Date unknown.

Hazel E. Johnson collection. Hazel Johnson guessed that this picture was taken in 1912, however it is not certain when the photo was taken.

Teddy in the University Center, date unknown. Caption:"Totem Teddy is the official CSC Bear".

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Cache la Poudre Front Cover 1968

Book Mark

Cache la Poudre 1949, page 194. Frank Bach repairing and presenting Totem Teddy.

Cache la Poudre 1953, page 127. Freshmen required to bow down!

Cache la Poudre 1956, page 2. The 1956 Cache la Poudre was dedicated to Totem Teddy.

Cover of the first volume of the Totem magazine.

Totem, vol. 1, no. 1, page 1. Background on Totem Teddy on the left, and a photo of a man and woman dressed in their “Roaring Twenties” outfits to go with the theme of the issue.