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Student Conduct & Accountability

Student Conduct & Accountability develops and enforces standards of student conduct to promote a safe and respectful living and learning environment. In an effort to foster civility, empathy, and accountability, the student conduct process aims to serve as a learning experience that can result in growth and personal understanding of one’s responsibilities and privileges within both the university and the greater community. 

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We educate and support you and the UNC community in navigating student conduct and conflict resolution.


  • We envision a campus where your character is stregthened through accountability, engagements and responsibility to embrace healthy conflict.


Community, Equity, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity, as with so much in life, involves a system of interconnected rights and responsibilities that reflect our mutual dependence upon one another. The success of individual efforts in school, as with so much in life, depends on each of us conscientiously exercising our rights and living up to our responsibilities. And the failure of any of us—even just one of us—to do what is required will diminish, however slightly, the opportunity for the rest to achieve their goals. That is why it’s essential for each of us in this university to practice academic integrity. For practice today will lay a solid foundation for practice tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, so that through daily practice integrity will come to be woven throughout the fabric of our lives, and thus through at least a part of the fabric of society.

Adapted from "Academic Integrity: A Letter to My Students" by Bill Taylor of Oakton Community College