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UNC Student Employee Appreciation

The University of Northern Colorado values their student employees, and we recognize the importance of their work. Every year UNC celebrates their student employees contributions during Student Employee Appreciation Week. This is a nationally recognized event across college campuses. During this week, departments across campus are encourage to thank their students and let them know that their efforts are valued by providing various activities and ways to recognize student employees.

Examples of various activities at UNC include:

For more ideas visit our Student Employee Appreciation Week ideas page.

Appreciation Week

Student Employee Appreciation Week (SEAW)

Each year SEAW is celebrated the second week of April. SEAW is a time set aside for campus employers to recognize and appreciate the contributions of their student staff. Employers are encouraged to make a concerted effort to recognize their student staff during this week. In the past, employers have hosted pizza parties, staff potlucks,  and movie nights for their student staff.

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Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY)

SEOTY stands for Student Employee of the Year and it is UNC’s opportunity to recognize and appreciate all student employees. Both on and off-campus employers are encouraged to nominate student employees who they believe are the embodiment of responsibility, reliability, professionalism, leadership and initiative and it is an opportunity for employers to highlight their student’s contributions and achievements.

A winner, the Student Employee of the Year, is selected from all of the nomination forms by a committee of staff members representing many campus offices and departments. This committee hosts a celebration event every April, during Student Employee Appreciation Week, and all of the nominees are announced, as well as the SEOTY.