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September 18, 2021

The Past is Prologue

Is the past a framework for the future or is the past, as poet Carl Sandburg declared, “a bucket of ashes”? As we reconsider and rebuild our lives post-pandemic, we are reminded, yet again, of the tragedies, disruptions, tangents, and persistent questions that accompany the steady march of time. 

Session 1: 9:30 am – 10:45 am


Session 1.1 Rocky Mountain Communication Association Competitive Paper Panel #1

Zoom link: https://regis.zoom.us/j/94122577780

Chair: Emily Stones, Regis University

“Inclusion of Disability and God in Healthcare Settings” 
Caitlin Louise Pfeifer

“Sensemaking Through Media: Understanding the Experiences of Young Adult Migrants in the United States” 
Olivia Watson, University of Missouri-Columbia
Xavier Scruggs, University of Missouri-Columbia

“COVID-19 and Digital Labor: An Autoethnography of Online Teaching” 
Didarul “Manik” Islam, University of New Mexico

“Transforming and Renewing Commitment: Investigating Factors Contributing to Romantic Relationship Commitment”
Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, California State University, Fullerton
Victoria Couvas, California State University, Fullerton


Session 1.2: Synching or Sinking Water Equity: Does History Replete Itself?

Zoom link: https://unco.zoom.us/j/97593079092

“The dancing water is the eighth wonder of the world”

RQ:  What are the implications for telling water equity stories that frame past as prologue?

“You do not move ahead by constantly looking in a rearview mirror. The past is a rudder to guide you, not an anchor to drag you.” Warren W. Wiersbe

We explore our Research Question based on a Hewit Grant awarded for creating and facilitating a Summer 2021 Water Equity Workshop for Colorado high school teachers from diverse disciplines including science and humanities.  Synchronous virtual sessions were augmented by pre- and post-course homework.  The Workshop contained five objectives related to water use and environmental equity, culminating in the creation of a “Tell Your Own Unique Water Story” assignment. To demonstrate the myriad ways in which this assignment could be interpreted, each facilitator drafted and shared their own unique water story on Day 1 of the Workshop.

Panel Participants:

Lin Allen, University of Northern Colorado

Scott Franklin, University of Northern Colorado

Sarah Johnson, University of Northern Colorado

Chelsie Romulo, University of Northern Colorado


11:00 am -12:15 pm
Keynote Speaker and Award Presentations


Zoom link: https://adams-edu.zoom.us/j/87363540176 

Keynote Speaker: George Junne

University of Northern Colorado

"A Home on the Range: Dearfield, Colorado."



Session 2: 12:30 pm -1:45 pm


Session 2.1: Project Prologues (Or, What I’m Working on Next): Humanities

Zoom link: https://unco.zoom.us/j/96109302425 

Chair: Todd J. Endres, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Panel Participants:

“Frederick Douglass’ Life and Times as Public Speaking Text”
Stephen Collins, Pikes Peak Community College

“Rhetflix: Performative Analysis and Supreme Court Oral Argument”
Lin Allen, University of Northern Colorado

“Media Coverage of Supreme Court Decisions”
Dale Edwards, University of Northern Colorado

“WMHE’s Teaching Rhetoric of Race, Class, and Gender”
Bernard Armada, University of St. Thomas

“Cosplay as Self-Identification and Representation”
Thomas Endres, University of Northern Colorado


Session 2.2: Rocky Mountain Communication Association Competitive Paper Panel #2

Zoom link: https://adams-edu.zoom.us/j/88479758441

Chair: Beth E. Bonnstetter, Adams State University

“Promoting Literary Skills, Healing from Trauma, and Community-Building through Arts Education”
Dina L. Hornreich, Antioch University New England

“Orientation, Discourse, Environmental Advocacy: A Meta-Analysis”
Tom Duncanson, Green Citizen Diplomacy Project

Encouraging Ecological Frameworks: My Octopus Teacher”
Kaitlyn Cummings, Colorado State University
Top Graduate Student Paper 2021

“’Darkness of the Past’: Collectively Forgetting Mormonism’s Queerphobia and Anti-Blackness”
Benjamin Brandley, Arizona State University


Session 3: 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm


Session 3.1: Panel: Project Prologues (Or, What I’m Working On Next): Social Science

Zoom link: https://unco.zoom.us/j/99283521845

Chair: Todd J. Endres, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs


“Social Structures and Storytelling”
Bradley McCauley, Front Range Community College

“PERPLE Methodology Use in Health and Education”
Heidi Muller, University of Northern Colorado

 “Resilience and Recovery in Families”
Sherilyn Marrow, University of Northern Colorado

 “Cross-Neurotype Communication Competence”
Emily Stones, Regis University

“First Generation Students and Sense of Belonging”
Kelly Scott Raisley, University of Northern Colorado


Session 3.2: RMCA 2020 Submissions Panel

Zoom link: https://unco.zoom.us/j/95903557969

Chair: Jarae Fulton, University of Northern Colorado

“The Liminality of Athlete Activists: Constrained Agency Within the Racial Profiling of Michael Bennett”
Kennedy Schade, Colorado State University

 “Vivacious Acts of Passion: Evaluating George Campbell’s Theory of Emotional Appeals in Philosophy of Rhetoric”
Jesús Calderón, Colorado State University

“Ubuntu at Home and Abroad: A Practical Analysis of Cross-Cultural Hospitality”
Micaela Burrow, Colorado Christian University
Top Undergraduate Paper 2020


Session 4: 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm


“The Future of RMCA”

Zoom link: https://unco.zoom.us/j/92127163667

An open meeting with the leadership and all interested to discuss future directions of the Rocky Mountain Communication Association. Please join us to help shape where RMCA goes from here.