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Serious About Teaching, Passionate About Theatre

UNC offers Colorado’s only theatre arts bachelor’s degree specifically designed for future K-12 drama teachers. Our Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts with K-12 Teaching Concentration prepares you to teach drama courses, lead student productions and help young writers, performers, musicians and artists develop their talents. You’ll learn from world-class educators on UNC’s theatre arts faculty, while gaining practical classroom experience that sharpens your skills—and helps you stand out in the job market.

You’ll also participate in UNC’s top-notch theatrical productions, with opportunities to perform, direct, work backstage and manage the house. We have an extensive alumni network of teachers throughout Colorado, providing you with exceptional opportunities for hands-on learning in high school classes and productions. In addition, you can help stage UNC’s annual high school drama festival. You’ll complete the program with a semester-long student-teaching assignment, graduating with all the prerequisites you need to earn your teacher’s license.

Degree Option

B.A. in Theatre Arts: K-12 Drama Teaching Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts (Education Concentration) prepares you to enter the work force as a high school drama teacher or to continue your studies in a theatre education graduate program. You’ll learn classroom techniques for teaching drama, along with the communication and organizational skills required to stage school productions at a high level. The program includes coursework in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, fulfilling all prerequisites necessary to earn your teacher’s license.

Major Requirements

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“Because of the UNC theatre education program, I was well prepared to lead students, a program and my community in quality theatre education. In addition, I am continually plugged into a vibrant and close knit community of educators and artists to promote new and emerging best practices.”

Beau Augustin, Dance and Theatre Arts (Class of 2008)
Instructional Curriculum Specialist, Denver Public Schools

Your Future in Theatre Arts Education

UNC is Colorado’s only university to offer a degree focused on K-12 drama teaching, earning an excellent statewide reputation with employers. School districts and principals recognize the quality of UNC-trained teachers, which gives you with a strong advantage as you enter the job market. Our wide alumni network of drama teachers extends throughout Colorado; the program has earned recognition for its focus on diversity and multicultural education. You’ll begin your career with first-rate skills and a widely respected degree.

Consider UNC's B.A. in K-12 Drama Teaching if you want to:

  • Earn a teacher’s license as a K-12 drama educator
  • Prepare for graduate studies in theater education
  • Perform, direct and produce shows in one of the nation’s top college theatre programs
  • Learn from nationally recognized leaders in theatre arts and theatre education

You’ll learn:

  • Expertise in acting, directing, technical theatre, performance, playwriting and other practical aspects of theatrical production
  • Teaching techniques, with emphasis on the teaching of drama and theatre
  • Lesson-planning and classroom management
  • The role of drama and theatre as a cultural and societal force

Sample courses:

  • Scene Study
  • Educational Psychology for K-12 Teachers
  • Design Fundamentals for K-12 Education
  • Conceptions of Schooling: Context and Process
  • Methods of Teaching Drama
  • Stage Directing

Beyond the Classroom

The theatre education bachelor’s program includes more than 100 hours of observation and hands-on practice in K-12 classrooms, prior to your student-teaching assignment. In addition, UNC’s Theatre for Young Audiences program offers you the opportunity to help produce shows for elementary school audiences, with performances all over the Front Range. And you’ll be a full participant in UNC’s own busy schedule of campus productions, which includes 30 shows every year.

Where can your degree take you?

  • K-12 drama teacher
  • Graduate school in theatre arts or theatre education
  • Community theatre for young performers

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