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Get Your Theatre Career off to a Fast Start

If you love theatre, UNC’s Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies offers you intensive preparation for a career in the industry. This well-rounded degree offers a practical, hands-on training in the entrepreneurial aspects of theatre production. If you’re seeking a career as a theatre writer, director, producer or promoter, our theatre studies degree can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to enter the work force or go on to graduate school.

As one of the nation’s premier theatre programs, UNC provides you with unique opportunities. You’ll work with exceptional faculty who are active in the theatre industry and have broad professional networks. We stage more than 30 shows a year, enabling you to gain first-hand experience in performance, marketing, promotion, public relations and many other roles. You can also write or direct a play that gets produced on campus. Above all, you’ll belong to a passionate theatre community of first-rate performers, educators, professionals and technical crew.

Degree Option

B.A. in Theatre Studies

Our theatre studies bachelor’s degree offers top-notch preparation whether you’re seeking a graduate degree or immediate employment after graduation. Students commonly pair the theatre studies degree with a minor (or second major) in a business-oriented degree or a liberal arts degree such as English or journalism. UNC also offers an arts entrepreneurship certificate that emphasizes skills such as business planning, marketing and promotion.

Major Requirements

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Your Future in Theatre Studies

UNC’s program excels in career preparation. You’ll build practical, marketable skills and experience that help you get noticed by employers. UNC’s extensive faculty and alumni networks can provide you with valuable connections and professional opportunities to help you get established. In addition, our Arts Entrepreneurship certificate prepares you to launch your own business in the theatre industry. Our theatre studies graduates have an outstanding track record of career success in this highly competitive industry.

Consider UNC's B.A. in Theatre Studies if you want to:

  • Work in the theatre industry as a writer, director, producer or promoter
  • Become an entrepreneur in the theatre industry
  • Work with passionate, industry-connected faculty
  • Belong to one of the nation’s best on-campus theatre arts communities
  • Pair theatre studies with a second major in business or liberal arts

You’ll learn:

  • Business aspects of theatrical production, including house management, promotion, sales and marketing
  • Playwriting and direction
  • Organizational leadership and collaboration
  • Entrepreneurship and self-promotion
  • Performance

Sample courses:

  • Playwriting
  • Dramaturgy
  • Stage Management for Theatre
  • Seminar in Theatre Arts Management

Beyond the Classroom

With about 30 productions annually, you’ll have exceptional opportunities to gain first-hand experience. Explore all aspects of the theatre industry and acquire practical skills that help you stand out in the job market. In addition, UNC hosts one of the nation’s premier summer stock companies, Little Theatre of the Rockies, where you can work alongside professional actors, directors and technical crew.

Where can your degree take you?

  • Theatre management
  • Business and marketing careers in the theatre industry
  • Playwriting
  • Directing
  • Graduate School
  • Entrepreneurship in the arts

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