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Specialized expertise, broad impact

UNC has emerged as a national leader in the study of social psychology related to sport and physical activity. You'll work with faculty who have earned worldwide recognition for their research on the social factors influencing sport, fitness and exercise behavior. With this specialized sport and exercise science master’s degree, you’ll be highly qualified to enter a Ph.D. program, work as an educator or pursue research related to the social psychology of sport and physical activity. 

With a small, close-knit department, you'll have access to strong mentoring, career guidance and professional development. Collaborate with experienced researchers and pursue your own investigations while building a well-rounded set of skills that includes qualitative and quantitative research and academic writing. The social psychology of sport and physical activity has research applications in many contexts, including health care, gerontology, physical education and athletic performance.

Degree Details

Credits Required:




Time to Completion:

2 Years

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Degree Option

M.S. in Sport and Exercise Science: Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

The sport and exercise science master’s degree totals 33 credit hours, culminating in either comprehensive exams or an original data-based thesis. You’ll take foundational coursework in sociology of sport, exercise and sport psychology, statistics and research methods, developmental kinesiology, theories of motivation and lab techniques for social psychology of sport and physical activity. With the program's elective courses and research opportunities you'll be able to focus your studies on your own interests.

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Degree Requirements

Greeley Campus Program

Your Future in Social Psychology of Sport

Research in the social psychology of sport and physical activity has important implications for child development, health care, education, community engagement, gerontology and other current issues. You may examine questions related to childhood obesity, elementary or secondary education, preventative medicine, gerontology and many other subjects. After completing your master’s degree, you’ll be highly qualified with a set of outstanding skills to enter a doctoral program in sports and exercise science or pursue jobs in government, education, athletics, nonprofits and other sectors.

Consider a M.S. in Social Psychology of Sport if you want to:

  • Study how social and psychological factors affect health and athletic performance
  • Work closely with expert researchers, teachers and mentors
  • Gain a well-rounded skill-set with broad job applications
  • Collaborate with researchers in education, health and related fields

You’ll learn:

  • Advanced kinesiology and applied psychology
  • Social and psychological influences on sport, exercise and physical activity
  • Research design and data gathering
  • Statistical analysis

Sample courses:

  • Exercise and Sports Psychology
  • Advanced Sociological Kinesiology
  • Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Science Research
  • Motivation

Where can your degree take you?

Doctoral program

Doctoral program in sport and exercise science

K-12 or community college teaching

K-12 or community college teaching

Health clinic

Health clinic

Fitness center

Fitness center

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