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Practical Format for Full-Time Teachers

The Master of Arts in Dance Education is designed for working instructors who want to raise their skills and credentials to the next level. You can earn the degree while you’re teaching full-time, getting exceptional professional development in a flexible format that integrates online and in-person learning. You’ll build your expertise in dance/movement, teaching and learning theory, building skills that enable you take on new career challenges and greater authority.

The program includes on-line courses and on-campus summer workshops, where you’ll work face-to-face with fellow students and faculty. All courses (both online and in-person) are taught by outstanding faculty who have professional stage experience and union credentials. They’ll act as mentors and career guides, helping you deepen your expertise in dance, movement and instruction.

Degree Details

Credits Required:



Online + Summer Greeley workshops

Time to Completion:

2 Years

Cost Estimator

Degree Option

M.A. in Dance Education

This academically rigorous program examines the philosophical, theoretical and practical implications in the field of dance education. You’ll acquire new strategies for instruction, deepen your theoretical knowledge and improve your dance technique. The master’s program integrates online classes, hands-on work and theatrical experiences, culminating in a written research thesis.

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Degree Requirements

Online/Greeley Summer program

Your Future in Dance Education

UNC's Master of Arts in Dance Education provides you with exceptional professional development. You’ll reflect on your teaching practice and theoretical understandings, while gaining tools for assessing and evaluating your approaches to education. The program includes exploration of broad challenges that dance educators face in the classroom and studio. You’ll gain expertise that prepares you for expanded responsibilities, while improving your students’ performance and classroom outcomes.

Consider UNC’s M.A. in Dance Education if you want to:

  • Learn advanced teaching techniques in dance and movement
  • Design, implement and evaluate new instructional approaches
  • Earn a master’s degree online while you work full-time
  • Upgrade your credentials and income potential

You’ll learn:

  • Dance History
  • Designing Dance/Movement Lessons, Assessments and Research projects
  • Choreography, Creative Dance Improvisation and Popular Dance Forms
  • Movement and Dance to Teach Non-Dance Concepts and Ideas

Sample courses:

  • Dance History — Tribal Cultures to Current Times
  • Doing, Teaching, and Appreciating Choreography and Creative Dance
  • Dance Production Techniques
  • Dance Movement Skills and Pedagogical Approaches

Beyond the Classroom

The two on-campus summer sessions provide extensive opportunities for hands-on practice and skill development. You’ll work on choreography, a wide range of dance forms, creative dance and interdisciplinary teaching through dance, as well as support skills such as stage production and injury prevention.

Where can your degree take you?

  • Advanced teaching roles in secondary education
  • Curriculum development and assessment
  • Instructor positions in conservatories and community arts organizations
  • Leadership of your own dance studio

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