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Top-notch Facilities, Highly Supportive Faculty

Whether you're working toward a career in academics, teaching or seeking specialized expertise to advance your career, our Biology master's degree program offers a range of advantages to support your success.  You'll be in a $42 million science facility with state-of-the-art research labs and computing technology while working closely with faculty and other students. UNC sits at the junction of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, offering you a remarkably diverse set of opportunities for field research in biology.

If you ask our students and faculty, they'll tell you that UNC’s people really set our Biology master’s program apart. You’ll build strong, supportive relationships with faculty who are teachers, mentors and colleagues. They’ll offer you academic and professional guidance to help you get the most out of the Biology master’s program. With exceptional faculty, an outstanding setting and thesis and non-thesis options, UNC enables you to personalize your M.S. in Biological Sciences and achieve your goals.

Degree Details

Credits Required:



Online (Non-thesis only)

Time to Completion:

12 months/3 semesters

Cost Estimator

Degree Options

M.S. in Biological Sciences: Thesis option

Choose the thesis option if you’re seeking a foundation for doctoral studies, or preparation for a career in research, biotechnology or government agencies. You’ll get extensive training in lab techniques, field techniques and research methodologies, with a wide range of options to focus your studies on the content area of greatest interest to you.  You’ll complete the program with an independent research project and oral presentation of your results. The program totals 30 credits and is designed for completion in four semesters.

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Degree Requirements

Thesis Option - Greeley Campus 

M.S. in Biological Sciences: Non-thesis option

The non-thesis option incorporates maximum flexibility, so you can focus on the specific subject-matter expertise that supports your professional development. This program is a good fit for biology or science teachers who seek to deepen their content knowledge, and its appropriate for anyone in a biomedical career path seeking to advance their knowledge in that rapidly changing area of biology. In lieu of a master’s thesis, you’ll complete a written evaluation administered by your advisor.

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Degree Requirements

Non-Thesis Option - Greeley CampusNon-thesis Option - Online

Your Future in Biology

The biology master’s degree can support a wide variety of career options and outcomes. Advanced science expertise is in high demand in dynamic industries such as health care, medicine, pharmaceuticals, gerontology, food, energy, environmental sciences and government agencies. Universities, colleges and secondary schools are constantly in need of well-qualified STEM educators. Faculty and advisors in our biology master’s program will work closely with you to ensure that you tailor your studies to specific career outcomes.

Consider UNC’s M.S. in Biological Sciences if you want to:

  • Enter a PhD program in biological sciences
  • Develop advanced research and lab skills
  • Acquire deep subject-matter expertise to support your professional growth
  • Enhance your qualifications as a science educator 

You’ll learn:

  • Laboratory techniques
  • Research design and methodology
  • Academic writing and oral presentation
  • In-depth content knowledge in your chosen area of biological sciences

Sample courses:

  • Foundations of Biological Research
  • Genomics
  • Cell Physiology
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab
  • Mammalogy
  • Species and Speciation

Beyond the Classroom

UNC’s state-of-the-art research facilities support all types of advanced biological research, including genetic analysis, human microbiology, animal physiology and environmental analysis. UNC’s biology faculty are very active researchers with ongoing projects in the laboratory and in the field, so you’ll enjoy a wealth of opportunities to collaborate with investigators, fellow students and visiting scientists.

Where can your Biology master's take you?

PhD program in biology

Ph.D. program in Biology

Secondary teaching

Secondary teaching

Lab research

Laboratory research

Field research

Field research

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