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Developing Work-Ready Practitioners in the Interpreting Field

Gain the competencies necessary to mediate communication between users of American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English as an effective and autonomous interpreter in either the community or educational setting. In UNC’s ASL–English Interpretation bachelor’s degree program, you’ll have extensive opportunities to apply academic learning to field-based experiences, developing a real-world understanding and use of ASL and interpreting skills prior to completing a senior internship and capstone project. The ASL-English Interpretation program offers a highly regarded, state-of-the-art curriculum based on current research and input from national experts within the field of interpreting. As a result, you'll be prepared to take state and/or national credentialing exams within 12 months of graduation.

In UNC’s ASL-English Interpretation program, you’ll learn from accessible, dedicated faculty who are content experts in addition to being native ASL users and practicing interpreters in a three semester program offered at the Greeley, Colorado, campus or online with required summer visits to Greeley. The online program is the only distance-delivered interpreter education program accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education.

Degree Option


The interpreting degree will prepare you with the competencies needed to be an entry-level interpreter across various community and educational settings.

Major Requirements

Both emphases are offered on the Greeley campus and through UNC's Extended Campus.

Greeley Program Details

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Your Future in Interpreting

Whether you pursue your interpreting bachelor’s degree on campus or online/Greeley, you’ll find a curriculum founded on 34 Entry-to-Practice Competencies that will ensure your work-readiness in the field as a competency and autonomous interpreter. The ASL-English Interpretation program offers an active, supportive and diverse community of learners guided by content experts where you will develop a foundation in theory and knowledge, explore and polish your bilingual and bicultural proficiency, gain interpreting abilities while specializing in your chosen area of emphasis (community or educational) and build your professionalism and human relations. Mastering these competencies will propel you into interpreting as a career.   

Consider UNC’s ASL-English Interpretation B.A. if you:

  • Are conversationally fluent in ASL (have completed ASL I-IV or have the equivalent life experience)
  • Are passionate about providing communication access to ASL users

You’ll learn:

  • Advanced features of ASL 
  • The diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds of consumers who use interpreting services
  • Theoretical frameworks and models of interpreting (primarily Demand-Control Schema and Discourse Analysis)

Sample courses:

  • ASL (V – VIII)
  • Theory and Practice of Interpreting
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Consecutive Interpreting Skills Lab (I – III)
  • Simultaneous Interpreting Skills Lab (I – III)
  • Community Interpreting Skill Development (I & II)
  • K-12 Interpreting Skill Development (I & II)

Beyond the Classroom

Your learning in the classroom is only the beginning; the ASL-English Interpretation program teaches interpreting as a practice profession. You’ll learn the technical skills of ASL, English and the process of interpreting, as well as the contextual, social, linguistic and cultural elements that promote your future interpreting work as effective, dynamic, autonomous and competent. Throughout your plan of study, you'll regularly gain real-world experiences by interacting with the Deaf and interpreting communities and applying course content to real-work experiences. During your final summer semester, you will complete a 120-hour internship at one of our internship sites across the country where you'll provide interpreting services under direct supervision.  

Where can your degree take you?

Qualified interpreters are in high demand and work in a variety of settings. The ASL-English Interpretation program prepares you to take state and/or national credentialing exams within 12 months of graduation. Obtaining credentials ensures your qualifications to provide effective interpreting services.

Community Settings:

  • Business and corporate
  • Medical
  • Mental Health
  • Social services
  • Video relay services (VRS) and video remote interpreting services (VRI)

Educational Settings:

  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • Secondary

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