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Semifinalists Announced for Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge

Past winner of MCB E-Challenge

February 3, 2020

Eight semifinalists have been announced for the 11th annual Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado. The semi-finalists represent healthcare, education, sports and other industries and will present their business concepts from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 12, at the UNC University Center.

“This year’s semifinalists are representative of the rapidly expanding entrepreneurial culture in Colorado,” said Dallas Everhart, Ph.D., Monfort executive professor and director and for the Entrepreneurial Challenge. “They are meeting emerging needs for new services and products, and they are examples of the Colorado lifestyle.” 

The Entrepreneurial Challenge is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to obtain coaching, advice and recommendations that will help them launch their business ideas. The event focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the increasingly competitive and rapidly changing business environment. 

The semi-finalists are:

  1. Book Buddy, LLC
    BookBuddy provides a suite of services that save and make students money. Students can connect with others on campus to buy and sell textbooks as well as other school supplies on a price-negotiable basis.

  2. Darwin Biosciences
    Darwin Biosciences is developing SickStick, a saliva-based in vitro diagnostic device for the early detection of infectious disease. SickStick is easy to use and capable of detecting when an individual is infected with a contagious disease days before clinical symptoms appear.

  3. ItyDity
    ItyDity is an online marketplace for crowdsourced music production, where songwriters and artists can host projects to get their songs produced. It’s the only platform where artists are afforded the opportunity to receive multiple creative concepts for their song from a global community of music producers, then pick their favorite, finishing the song to perfection.

  4. Momentum Optics
    Momentum Optics has developed an advanced manufacturing technology that enables the company to fabricate lenses at a lower cost and faster speed compared to traditional methods. Using this technology, the company is addressing the unmet need for affordable optical lenses that can be rapidly delivered to customers.

  5. Mountain Air Health, Inc.
    Mountain Air Health provides altitude simulation systems to help clients lose weight in a healthy way. When exposed to hypoxic air for seven hours a day, the average client loses one pound of fat per week. Clients sleep inside a hypoxic enclosure (tent) and then go about their day to day at "normoxia" (normal oxygen/altitude levels).

  6. Ouro Mobility
    Ouro Mobility operates an all-electric carsharing service specifically designed for master-planned housing communities and their residents. Vehicles and charging stations will be parked throughout these communities, and residents will be able to reserve, pay for and unlock a vehicle via the mobile app.
  7. Go2Grips
    Go2Grips patented a wheelchair grip design that helps secure medical equipment and personal items to wheelchairs that increases the safety and independence of wheelchair users. They also work for wheelchair bags, shopping bags, backpacks and purses, which makes them valuable for travel and community dwelling wheelchair users.
  8. UnEARTH LLC | UnEARTH Netted Bag
    UnEARTH is a sustainable solutions company that implements more sustainable products and systems into society. The UnEARTH Netted Bag is an officially approved bag type for the Clear Bag Policy at Colorado State University, University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Wyoming. UnEARTH Netted Bags are 100% organic cotton, completely see-through and fulfill all sizing regulations of the Clear Bag Policy.

Finalists will be chosen to compete for prize money and the opportunity to present their business plans to a panel of judges in the final competition at the UNC University Center on Wednesday, March 4.

More information about the competition.

About the Monfort College of Business

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