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UNC Faculty Author Writes Book on Embracing Culture Shock to Bridge Divides

Cover photo of Ethnowise

January 12, 2018

Contemplative anthropologist and mindfulness teacher Michael J. Kimball has a new book for people who want to bridge cultural divides. It’s called Ethnowise: Embracing Culture Shock to Build Resilience, Responsiveness & Connection.

Michael J. Kimball profile
Michael J. Kimball

Drawing on the latest findings in anthropology, neuroscience, and mindfulness studies, Ethnowise helps readers learn to disrupt habitual reactions to the unfamiliar, grow resilience to cultural discomfort, and transform culture shock into connection.

“At a moment when the global tide of fear of the unknown is on a steep rise and social cohesion eroding, Michael Kimball’s book Ethnowise is a timely and thoughtful contribution,” said Waidehi Gokhale, CEO of Soliya, an international nonprofit that focuses on empowering young adults to engage with difference constructively. 

To effectively reach across social and cultural boundaries, Kimball states individuals need to do three things: discover what culture shock really is, how it affects your mind and body (even when you don’t know it), and which tools can help you turn it to your advantage. By presenting some core principles and a set of powerful techniques, Kimball, associate professor of Anthropology at UNC, offers an entertaining, informative, and practical guide to achieving these goals.

The book is available here.


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