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PHOTOS: UNC Hosts First Football Tailgate of the Year

Students running through a Bear head onto the football field

September 12, 2023

The 2023 football home opener brought dozens of UNC fans to the first Bears Fan Fest tailgate of the year on Saturday, Sept. 9. Cheerleaders, the Sugar Bears, Klawz and the Pride of the Rockies marching band helped pep up the crowd before the Bears took the field against Incarnate Word.

Four cheerleaders posing for a picture

Two UNC fans about to high-five eachother

A UNC student deadlifting

A UNC student throwing a ball up into the air

Five UNC fans posing for a picture with a baby being held in the middle

A UNC student throwing a bag playing cornhole

Two UNC fans holding up little bear stuffed animals

Klawz inbetween two marching band members all pointing at the camera

A UNC cheerleader smiling and holding up a pom pom

A woman face painting on another woman

Three UNC students standing next to each other smiling

Four alumni staff posing at the tailgate

Fans running through a Bear head onto the football field