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Past Events

IFS loves to partner with campus and community organizations for events!  Some of our regular contributors include The Cesar Chavez Cultural Center, The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, the Marcus Garvey Center, and the Go West Film Fest.  Please contact us for more information if you'd like to collaborate with us.  

aaron kopp discussion

IFS was honored to have decorated filmmaker Aaron Kopp discuss his film Liyana.

robinsons panelists

We screened the animated film Meet the Robinsons and were grateful for our panelists IFS Student Director Langston Mayo, UNC President Andy Feinstein, Student Body President Tim Hernandez, and UNC student Rebecca Chapman.  They shared their experiences of nontraditional families.

dolores crowd

IFS partnered with the Cesar Chavez Center to screen the film Dolores.  

dolores panelists

Our panelists discussed issues surrounding the migrant worker community.  


The Marcus Garvey Cultural Center was our partner to show the film I Am Not Your Negro.


The panelists discussed race relations and civil rights in the United States.

great divide panelists

 IFS was a participant in the Go West Film Fest and screened The Great Divide, regarding water in Colorado.

great divide panelists standing

The panelists included three experts in the field of water rights, and two student contributors.