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Institutional Research and Effectiveness Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at the University of Northern Colorado is to support the success of the University mission and goals by providing timely, accurate and unbiased information and analysis for institutional decision making, strategic planning and assessment.

Institutional Research and Effectiveness Values

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness has adopted the Association for Institutional Research's Statement of Professional Ethics to convey the values of the Office. As such, we strive to:

  • Recognize the consequences of all work we produce. The analytic algorithms and applications we build and/or implement, as well as the policy decisions incorporating information we analyze and disseminate, impact people and situations.
  • Acknowledge that individuals whose information we use have both legal and ethical rights that can cross national borders
  • Protect privacy and maintain confidentiality when collecting, compiling, analyzing, and disseminating information
  • Act as responsible data stewards
  • Provide accurate and contextualized information – we do not knowingly or intentionally mislead the consumers of our information
  • Deliver information and analyses appropriate to the questions being asked, acknowledging any data quality concerns, and in the context in which the questions are asked
  • Provide fair and transparent information and methodologies
  • Avoid conflicts of interest